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lauching ANSYS solve


I'd like to solve a sim for ANSYS.
I would like to specify parameters for the solve.
Does anyone know how and where to specifiy them from NX user interface?
for example:
ansysxxx.exe -b (batch) -p name of licence -np number of processors
Right now my problem is that the used licence (for example Ansys mechanical) is
not the one I want (for example Ansys Structural).
yours truly,

Re: lauching ANSYS solve

Look at ansys installation and licensing documentation, chapter 6.
Here are some variants for licensing:

Multiphisics ane3fl
Multiphisics\ls-dyna ane3flds
Mechanical ansys
Mechanical\ls-dyna ansysds
Structural struct
Structural\ls-dyna structds

Hope it helps
Stefano Garbin
CAD & CAE manager

Re: lauching ANSYS solve


Hi Stefano,
thank you for your answer.
I know which "feature name" to use for my solve.
My problem is that I don't know where to put it in NX7.0.
I have set the ANSYS Solver location in UGII_ANSYS, and in the windows location
of the customer defaults, and also in solver parameter (in the solution)
Therefore I can launch the calculation. But the licence feature used is not the
one I want.

So, I would like to know where to specify the -p ane3fl (for example) option, in
the NX interface.
yours truly.
Cyril Saintigny

stefano.garbin wrote:
>Look at ansys installation and licensing documentation, chapter 6.
>Here are some variants for licensing:
>Multiphisics ane3fl
>Multiphisics\ls-dyna ane3flds
>Mechanical ansys
>Mechanical\ls-dyna ansysds
>Structural struct
>Structural\ls-dyna structds
>Hope it helps
>Stefano Garbin
>CAD & CAE manager
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Re: lauching ANSYS solve

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There is no specific place to do this in the NX UI. Ideally, Ansys should be configured to obtain a license on it's own through an Ansys environmental variable or an Ansys config file.

One thing you can try is to add your '-p ane3fl' to the string entered for memory on the Solver Parameters form. I believe what NX does is writes out a -db to the Ansys command line, then pastes the string you specify in. So, if you leave Memory for database set to 512, the command line used to launch Ansys contains "-db 512". If you modify the string to '512 -p ane3fl', then NX should write the following to the Ansys command line: "-db 512 -p ane3fl"

Jim Bernard
Advanced Applications Engineer

Siemens PLM Software
2000 Eastman Dr., Milford, OH 45150-2712

Re: lauching ANSYS solve

OK, try this:
1- delete the flag "-p ane3fl" from everywhere you have previously set
2- set this environment variable: "ANSYSxxx_PRODUCT=ane3fl"

of course substitute "ane3fl" with the license type you want to use.
Stefano Garbin
CAD & CAE manager

[solved] Re: lauching ANSYS solve


thank you for your help.
I received more info from GTAC.
In fact you can specify the ANSYS product feature name in the ugii_env_ug.dat or
ugii_env.dat configuration files in NX installation directory /UGII/..
This seems not be documented at all in NX help.
ugii_env_ug.dat is overwritten during MR installation.
ugii_env.dat is not overwritten during MR installationMR.
It is stated ugii_env.dat should be updated.
I had mistakenly tried to put environment variables for Windows, but they are environment
variable in the above files!
for example (solver path):
UGII_ANSYS="C:\Program Files\ansys_inc\ansys111\win\v111\ANSYS\bin\intel\ansys111.exe"
Then for choosing the ANSYS product feature (here Ansys PROFESSIONNAL NLT). The
list of "Product feature names" is in chapter 6, table 6.1 for ANSYS 12.1
yours truly,