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memory NX Nastran

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I have a work station with 16 GB of RAM. When I run the calculation in NX nastran so it told me that it use 1.6 GB of RAM.
But NX Nastran takes all free RAM (16GB) for the solution. The workstation is too busy for other work.

My question is:

Is it possible to use only part of full RAM (eg 10 gigabytes)?
MEMORY command in conf. File nast8.rcf has no effect.

I think that problem is allocation of available RAM for applications in windows 7.

Re: memory NX Nastran

This is the way that modern Operating Systems like Windows & Linux runs nowadays: using unallocated RAM as I/O cache!!.
This is just the method of increasing performance when the NX NASTRAN solver is in action. I run a LapTop with Windows 8 + 32 GB RAM, and my settings in the RCF file are simply MEM=4GB.
Unless you need more than 8GB to solve in-core any model, you should use always the NX NASTRAN LP-64 executable and a memory request < 8GB. This leaves the rest of the RAM unallocated and the OS can use it as cache to help I/O.
The results in less scratch I/O and more unallocated memory available (for the OS to use as I/O cache), both will improve I/O performance, that is preciselly what I want: faster solutions with less hard disc space. Here using SSD is critical!!.
Best regards,