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memory problems with nx 8.5


since I am unfamiliar with NX-simulation I would ask anybody out there for help!

Many thanks in advance

Rudolf Orlinger
Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH
Linz / Austria

A colleague of mine from our site in New Hampshire sent me the following information:

The computer that I have was bought primarily to do simulation. It is a 64 bit system with 24Gb of memory and I believe 8 cores. I have adjusted the swap space from automatic to a total of 8Gb and no option has worked. I have both NX 7.5 and 8.5 installed, NX, but neither works at the moment.
The software was working until some upgrades were done to the operating system and other things on the computer, including the install of 8.5.
Attached are two files. One is the output file from NX during the simulation. At the bottom of the file is the error message about the failure. The other file is the picture of the task manager.


Please see syslog in the Attachments

Thermal/Flow Analysis