3D Contact setting problem


Hello everyone,


I'm making a gripping motion. It's a simple two beams grip an object. However, there is something wrong and the beams always go into the object.


I reckon it's because of the contact setting. 

First, I let everything automatic and the cube "disappeared". I think it's pushed away

Then, I change some parameters about stiffness, friction and it can lift the object up, but it still goes into the object. But then the solver stopped after a few seconds when it lifted up.


I read some topics about the solver failed to solve the contact surface and force and thus lead to this problem, but I don't know how to fix it.


Can you give me advice about which documents should I read about this problem so I can understand each adjustment setting of contact clearly and the physics behind it? It would be great if you can give me advice on the model too. In Attachment is the zip file of the motion simulation.


Another question is: Is there anything else which causes this model to work inappropriately beside contact?


Thanks a lot for your help



Edit: I think I found out why. I plot the contact surface forces and it goes up to 240 kN which is impossible. A feasible grasp for this size should only be about 100N force (for a 10N actuation). I changed velocity function driver to vector force and it works. The object can now be lifted. Thank you for reading