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AFU export to unv limitation


I need to perform a particular stress calculation on dynamic response analysis (random vibration analysis performed using the SOL 103 response simulation solver).

For this purpose, I need to export the 6 stress components over frequency (unit Pa^2/Hz) for more than 5000 elements.

To do this, I evaluate elemental function responses, and store them to AFU. Then I export AFU functions to a universal file.

I expected around 33000 functions, but in fact, the file was truncated to 30000 functions. In a first time, I thought their was a software limitation regarding the large number of functions.

In a second time I tried to export only one stress component for all elements, but the file was truncated to 5000 functions instead of 5500 as I expected!


Is their any solution to avoid truncated files ? (or another way SOL111 + punch file ?)


Best regards