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Advanced Nonlinear Analysis Help


Hello all,


I am trying to learn how to run an advanced nonlinear analysis using NX but am still unfamiliar and new. I am simulating a gasket with creep material properties between two plates. One plate is fixed and the other has a constant pressure applied to compress the gasket. I have successfully run an elastic-only sol 101 with the same model set up and have now tried using both the sol 601 106 and sol 601 129 but I am not sure which one is the appropiate solution type. After many different trials, I seem to receive the same warnings/errors but I cannot decipher what I need to fix in order for the solution to run successfully and produce results. I have included my .f06 file from my most recent trial. Any help or insight is appreciated, thank you.


Re: Advanced Nonlinear Analysis Help




I have read from your file, that you have problem with converge. Which time step strategy have you chosen? Have you some face contact in simulation, or nonlinear material model?


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