Air flow in a room using NX Thermal/Flow




I am doing a Coupled flow and thermal analysis for a room, using NX Thermal/Flow 8.5. Air is flowing through two opening at the volume rate of 150 CFM each. And sucked at an outlet at the rate of 300 CFM.


The fluid temperature is 16degC.And the electronic component inside the room emits 650W.I am using inlet flow, outlet flow and fluid domain for respective boundary conditions. The 650W is applied as a 'heat load' over a polygon body (3D mesh). The volume of the room is 55 cubic meter.


With steady state analysis the maximum fluid temperature goes upto 50degC (this is around the heated polygon). Whereas the fluid temperature at nodes away from the are at about 25degC.


But whereas we are expecting a result much closer to 16degC.

Is the approach is correct?


I tried the recirculation loop there the temperature goes upto 1500degC.

Can somebody help me to identify the problem?


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@Carl_P  any clues?


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