Anchor chain simulation for a trebuchet


Hey there, the last view weeks I have been working on a simulation of a modern trebuchet (medieval artillery weapon). I now have a design that uses a weight on a chain and the chain is attached to rotating arms on the trebuchet. I have been breaking my head over finding a proper way to simulate the chain. I have made a test simulation of a small chain (13 links) using 3D-contacts between all the adjoining links. The simulation takes about 1.25 seconds however rendering the simulation takes 45 minutes on my laptop (because of the 3D-contacts I assume). Since I want to use a (3 times) longer chain, I've been trying to find another way of going about this simulation.  I hope somebody can help me to either find another way than 3D-contacts or a smarter way to go about using 3D-contacts. I hope I am on the right forum for this question else please let me know. If you need a better visualization of what I am trying to accomplish I also uploaded an animation of the rotation of the trebuchet. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Anchor chain simulation for a trebuchet



I guess the first way to simulate is without solid and without contact.

A chain can be seen as an assembly of (rigid or elastic) beams or rods connected with translational DOFs and with one or two rotational DOFs as a joint like an hinge. Try to keep it simple.

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