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Assigning Fan noise source


Hi, everyone I am trying to apply Fan as a noise source in the aoustic boundary conditions for solving acoustic analysis but while solving it's giving error so please let me know how to define fan source exactly in LMS virtual lab


Re: Assigning Fan noise source

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PLM World Member Valued Contributor

Hello @NagarajJade Thanks for the question. Let me see if I can get someone who can answer this, or move it to a more appropriatly related category.

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Re: Assigning Fan noise source

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Community Manager

Hi there, 


Nagaraj, thanks for your question, I guess you seem to be asking a question regarding virtual.lab? Unfortunately we don't have a current forum for LMS, however I will send a copy of your post to our NX Simulation forum and maybe someone can help you. 


@SusanCinadr something for the LMS folks you're talking with... 


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Re: Assigning Fan noise source

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Siemens Experimenter

Dear @NagarajJade,


I suppose you are working with LMS Virtual.Lab acoustics. There are many reasons why an acoustic calculation can fail. It can be that the definition of the fan source is incorrect, but it can also be a memory problem or so. The best and most efficient way to get an answer to these types of questions is to contact your local support, and to send them your log-file. If you don't know where it is, don't worry. They'll tell you where to find it!


Kind regards,