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Batch mode solution for set of spacecraft attitudes


Hello everyone,


I am fairly new to NX and have a question on how to set up a large batch of simple simulations. 



I am doing multiphysics simulations on a 3U Cubesat its deployment system. The Cubesat deploys science equipment 1 meter from the body on two U-shaped booms. I am tasked with estimating the rotation and deflection of the deployed system based on the thermal conditions (attitude and position). The rotation and deflection has to be known for each attitude and position (in sunlight, eclipse and pen-umbra). I want to precompute a set of solutions and create a look-up table. As for now I am only looking at the thermal part, but the idea is to import the results to the multiphysics simulator to do the structural part.



The pointing requirement is 10 degrees on each axis (Euler rotations). Even with a resolution of 2.5 degrees, one ends up with 300+ simulations to run. 



How do I automatically create these simulations?

How do I change the attitude for each of these solutions without adding it manually?

Should I approach this problem in a different way?


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.