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Bilinear springs


Hi all,


I tried to model a bilinear spring which works only in tension in SOL 106. Therefore, I make use of a CBUSH collector and I define a Length-Force diagram in the PBUSHT dependent properties. However, the solution does not converge. When I perform the same model with a simple spring with a given stiffness, then the model works well.


Does anyone have any experience in modelling springs which only work in tension or compression?


Kind regards,



Betreff: Bilinear springs

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hello Evy,


as no-one did answer you, I will try to support you.

First, if you already did find a solution, that would be great. Let's hear me, I'm very interested in.

Otherwise I try to help you finding answers.


1. What version of NX do you use?


2. Could you give me some explanations of your model like

- description of element types, (3D, 2D, ...)

- load and constraints and

- parameter settings for bilinear behavior of your CBUSH-element,

- TABLE definition and the entry where you did reference it.

- Is your CBUSH-element 0D or 1D?

- Did you define nominal values, too?


I think a set of pictures is the best way.

Please also provide a deformation plot of your "linear CBUSH-element" solution.


3. What kind of deformation do you expect?


4. Did you try GAP-elements or Contact-elements to get rid of your problems?


Best wishes, Michael

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