Block UI Styler error with expressions and buttons

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Dear All,


I am having some issues with Block UI Styler. I am using Simcenter 1872 and my easy goal is to create a GUI like this :


(only containing an expression and a button)


I have no problem if I try to display that on a not empty part, but if I try to do the same with un empty part (e.g. the one created by default with File->new-> Model) what is shown is the following error message



Which seems to be linked to the following error message in the log File:log.jpg


I am using the C++ code generated by Block UI styler itself and to retrieve the dlx I am using the UGII_USER_DIR environment variable.


Someone has any ideas why this error occurs and what I can do  to fix it?



Thanks in advance


Re: Block UI Styler error with expressions and buttons


post your question to

you'll have a better chance of a response

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