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CFD Simulation Boundaries and Solver Parameters


Hey there,


I am very new here and hope to get some help on some simulation probelms I have with simulating a radial compressor stage with NX10 Advanced Simulation (Flow).


First problem: I don't really know how to set the right boundary conditions for a compressor stage.


I thought about using the "Opening"-BC at the suction side with "External Conditions" set as "Ambient". Pressure and Temperature are know and assigned to the "Ambient Conditions"


MFR is set for the impeller. This sould be clear. Or is there anything I need to focus?


Now the big questionmark: What kind of BC do I have to set for the pressure side outlet?

Massflow? Pressure-Rise?


I am also struggeling with the "Solver Parameters":

Time Step? I do not really understand how to choose the right time step.


Do anyone of you have some tricks and tips for simulate a compressor stage with nx flow?


Attached you can find a screenshot.


Thanks a lot


Best regards