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Can't find element with Maximum Temperature Change

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello everybody,


I'm trying to improve the convergence of my coupled thermal-flow simulation.

Reviewing the log-file I got the information about the Maximum Temperature Change at Element 108059.

So I wanted to know where this change happens and tried to find the element with the Node/Element Info Button. However I got an Alert saying:

"No valid element found with specified selection criteria. An element with the specified label does not exist"


  • Back in the log-File I read at the top:

"Note: During the analysis process a number of elements have been created whose labels you may not recognize. To find out more about these elements and the elements they are associated with, please look on file REPF for the phrase 'TMG element'"


  • Inside the REPF-File I read:

"No element renumbering or merging was performed.

                              Elements created by TMG

                Association of boundary elements and CG elements

                   Analyzer module calculation results

No. of iterations    52       TDmax = 0.000E+00 at element    104366

Minimum temperature                 =    20.000 at element    104368 Flow_PC
Maximum temperature                 =   757.688 at element    116196 Flow_PC
Average temperature                 =    76.928

Summary for thermal elements

Maximum heat balance deviation occurs           at element    116343 Flow_PC "


However I can't find none of these Elements inside my model. So what's going on? Where is the element?Am I doing something wrong? How can I avoid the creation of these new elements?


Thank you very much in advance


Best regards



Re: Can't find element with Maximum Temperature Change


I also faced the same issue. I tried searching these elements but could not locate them. It seems that the solver/NX creates some elements to carry out the flux calculations or for some other reasons. Had you used "Thermal Coupling" tool to model heat transfer between solid bodies?

Re: Can't find element with Maximum Temperature Change

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Ajit,

thank you for your reply. I'm not working with Thermal Couplings, only Temperature Constraints, as I'm only able to work with the basic license. Simulation with 1.Order discretisation converges nicely, however,with 2. Order, my simulations model has problems to converge the max. delta Temp. A maximum temperature change of 10 degrees does not seem reasonable at all. That's why I wanted to find those elements.


Unfortunately, it seems like there isn't a way to find those elements.


Best regards