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Co-Simulation NX-Motion with Matlab Simulink




I'm trying to co-simulate a door which is open by two hydrauliccylinder.First I have compiled a new motion in NX-Motion. I have added links and joints to my door and set markers on the cylinder. After that I created a sensor. I added Inputs and outputs and I made a new solution for the motion. I linked the solution with my Matlab file. I have solved the solution with the Host-Programm Simulink. Then I started Matlab and opened the NX Motion Plant Block.  I have tried to run the simulation by matlab but after a few seconds matlab crashed and I could see a few errors in the editor. They sound like:

1. ERROR: - The current solution is not available for solve

2.ERROR - The CoSimulation has not been performed.

I looked in the folder where my parts are saved. After this error, there is no RAD-file and no RPLT-file.


Does anyone know this errors and can help me?


Re: Co-Simulation NX-Motion with Matlab Simulink

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@Gilles  can you answer this?


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Re: Co-Simulation NX-Motion with Matlab Simulink




yes I found the soulution for the problem. The solution is so easy. I exported my CAD modell from Teamcenter in a native area. Nobody told me that I have to save all parts of the CAD-model in the same folder. My CAD-modell was saved in different folders. Its important while doing a co-simulation that all parts are placed in the same folder.


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