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Collector Library


I always create the same collectors for bushing elements to replace bearings, runner blocks and ballscrews in static simulations.  Can I create a collectors library for 0d and 1d mesh? This would facilitate my work. I think the only problem would be creating a CSYS of each bushing mesh


Re: Collector Library

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There are a couple of ways to do this. The first would be to create New File Templates of FEMs that contain your mesh collectors and all other overhead type of data that you consistently re-use. This is good for forward create as a new FEM is created with all of the data that exists in the template FEM, with the exception of geometry and references to the PRT used by the template FEM.


The other way to do this is after you've already created a FEM and want to copy mesh collectors and other data into a FEM. The Append FEM command (Menu, Insert, Append FEM) will copy the contents of one FEM into another with the exception of polygon geometry. If the appended FEM contains mesh data, it will get copied into the target FEM as FE based meshes.






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