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Connecting Two Meshes from Different Sources: NX 8.0


I am currently working in NX 8.0 for a project of mine and am not sure how to proceed. I have load data and mesh data provided via an NX Nastran file on a rather large assembly. The mesh data from this Nastran file has no associations to the original work part used to create the meshes, since only the Natran file was sent to me. However, it is my job to add a component to the original assembly (which I have separate access to) and create a 2-D mid-plane mesh for my modification, so that the modification mesh can be implemented into the simulation from the original Nastran file via another connecting 2-D mesh that is to act as a weld. Herein lies my issue. I realize how to append the FEM from my modification into the simulation and how to create a 2-D “weld” element from there, but I do not know how to connect my mesh and the original assembly mesh so that Nastran solver can be used on the entire simulation. My mesh and the provided mesh are not mating, and I am not sure how I can create a uniform system without the original mesh being associated to any actual part. Could someone help me with this?