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Continue with Axisymmetric Result in 3D-Solution (map 2D-Restart to 3D) SOL601




I know how to continue a solution in SOL601 from previous results (RESTART) - but only in the same dimension (same nodes from restart file and current solution). In MSC.Marc Mentat it is possible to solve axisymmetric loads on a 2D-model, then expand (revolve) the 2D-model to 3D and start with the 2D-result on the 3D-mesh. That saves a lot of calculation time and drastically enhances stability when solving large strain problems with steel/rubber combinations.


Is there an equivalent function in Siemens NX to map a 2D-Result as a restart-file onto a 3D-Mesh? (like rotate and map the 2D-result as a pre-loaded state for the 3D-Mesh)


Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,