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Curve Fitting Test Data for the Hyper Foam Material Model




I am looking for a program, script or any other method to fit test date from a simple compression test with a polymer foam.


Currently I used ABAQUS, but unfortunately it only fits hyperelastic material model and not hyper foam. Or to be precise, you can enter the test data for foam, but you cannot evaluate the material and get the alphas and MUs.


Just today I found out that also NX can fit test data. Unfortunately it can only fit normal hyperelastic material. And as the Poisson Ratio is ignored by NX (doesn't even show up in the Preview Solver Sysntax) I end up with an incompressible material. But this means that the reaction forces are completely wrong.

Test Data EntryTest Data Entry



Test Data TableTest Data Table



Test Data PlotTest Data Plot






Does anyone know how or where to fit test date for the hyperfoam model?


Thank you!