Differences in modes for SOL103 between NX11 and NX12

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Dear Experts,


I am running a SOL111 (Modal Frequency response) simulation .

If I compare the modes (shapes and frequencies) between the SOL111 and the corresponding SOL103 (real Eigenvalues), I observes quite big differences in NX10 and NX11.

There is no difference in NX12.


The SOL111 produces the same modes between NX10-11-12.

The SOL103 generates the same modes as SOL111 in NX12.

The SOL103 generates different modes in NX10-11.


The lonely information I found was:


New RESVEC Defaults in NX NASTRAN V9.0 (2013) • The defaults now apply even when the RESVEC case control command is undefined. Previously the RESVEC command was required to request residual vectors. • For SOLs 103, 106 (PARAM,NMLOOP,0), 110, 115, 153 (PARAM,NMLOOP,0), and 187, the new default is RESVEC=COMPONENT. • For SOLs 111, 112, 118, 146, and 200 (ANALYSIS=MODES, MCEIG, MTRAN, or MFREQ), the default is RESVEC=YES.


I specified RESVEC=NO for all simulations.

Is there any change between NX11 and NX12 for the SOL103.

I attached the both f06 files (same input files for both computations in NX11 and NX12).


Thank you very much for your support.