Do I have to set-up in Virtual.Lab


Hey all,


I want to setup a combined simulation starting from a CFD Simulation (using ANSYS Fluent) and a coupled vibro-acoustic simulation (using propably ANSYS Mechanical and  LMS Virtual.Lab BEM or Virtual.Lab only). Does anyone has experience on how to set up the simulations?


Right now, I'm able to export the CFD pressure-mapping on the contact zone to the structural mesh but I don't really know the relevant steps to setup the subsequent simulation.


General questions:

1.) Is it better to use the CGNS Pressure maps and continue with a vibro-acoustic simulation in Virtual.Lab. If so, is there online the way of an FEM based simulation or is the vibrao-acoustic simulation also applicable for BEM?

2.) Based on the answerder of question1:

Once I import the CGNS files, I only receive the mesh information for the contact surface. Do I have to set-up the surrounding of sctructural and air components manually in Virtual.Lab or can I also import it based on the entire CAD model (including fluid path, structural model and air volume) I created before?


If would appreciate any help. If someone would also have information about known tutorials combining CFD and vibro-acoustic simulations, please, let me know.