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Error solving bolt preload that previously worked


Dear all,

we have a model that contain inside the bolt preload and "imposed displacements" has been solved in the past (2010 with Nastran 6.1) without any problem.

Recently we had the necessity to solve them again  but we had a very bad surprise: the actual release we have (NX give us, instead of solution the below message (on file *.fo6):





I kindly ask you to help us to solve this problem.


Thanks a lot




Re: How can I add a bolt pre-load on NX CAE?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This question is unrelated to the original post. In the future, please start a new thread rather than hijacking an old one.


To answer your question, see Remark 10 on BOLTLD case control:


    Enforced displacements defined with non-zero SPC or SPCD bulk entries can be included with a bolt preload. When an SPCD is defined with a bolt preload, system cell 581 must be set to 1 to override an error trap that exists in the software. The software behaviour changes during the bolt preload solution steps for various input scenarios (with and without contact defined; enforced displacements defined with SPCD entries or with SPC entries). See “Enforced Displacements and Bolt Preloads” in the User’s Guide for a description of the software behaviour. 

Re: Error solving bolt preload that previously worked

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Community Manager

Hi freschif, 


I moved your question into the forum as its own post. When you post a question to the forum rather than on an existing thread, it gives more people a chance to respond to help you. It also keeps the community organized, because each question has its own thread. This helps other users who have a similar problem find the solution later! Smiley Happy


Thank you for your participation in the community. 


Best Regards, 



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