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Extra element in TEMPF file

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

I am new to NX. I am trying to perform a thermal analysis on a solid block, having load and temperature as load and constraint.

After a solution is completed, I saw in the TEMPF file, in addition to the element present in my mesh, extra elements are generated. What are they used for? I am just trying to understand how the files and read and generated in a simulation.


Re: Extra element in TEMPF file

Dear Eleaine,
These are PLOT-ONLY elements that the preprocessor creates when exporting the FE model to NX NASTRAN solver, tey are used to define a boundary condition surface element with reference to a heat conduction element, see command CHBDYE in the QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE. These surface elements appear when prescribing convection boundary conditions.
If you create the THERMAL FE model in FEMAP and solve the analysis then FEMAP tell you that extra elements were created (the list appear under PREVIEW ANALYSIS, in NX AdvSim take a look to the nastran input deck *.dat):

Best regards,