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Failure to Export to MSC Nastran


My office has licenses for Simcenter (SC12500). We use NX 8.5 and NX 12.0.


When I open a new model, associate it with a master part, and create a mesh in 8.5, I'm able to export it to MSC Nastran.


When I do the exact same thing in 12, I get an error that reads: "Nastran export: no license". Has anyone seen this behavior? Did Siemens change that way it licenses the MSC Nastran translator?





Re: Failure to Export to MSC Nastran


Hi Ken,

only as an idea: Check the licence type in "solver parameters" of simulation. Maybe that's the reason. We had a similar problem and didn't realize, that in one case license type was "Desktop" by default and in another case it was "Enterprise". We have only "Desktop" license so it works only in the first case automatically. After switching to License Type "Desktop" in the second case everything was  good.

I hope, it helps. Best wishes, Michael

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Re: Failure to Export to MSC Nastran

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Yes. The licensing changed between NX 11 and NX 12. NX 12 requires an additional license module for MSC Nastran export as well as Abaqus export and possibly others. We ran into this issue as well. I would suggest you contact your Siemens sales representative to come to a resolution.