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Flexible body - export to Adams

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter
The customer has a problem with export to Adams.
The created file MNF is missing results of stress and strain.
When I exporting data from NX to MNF file it always displays file with following information:

Creating a Modal Neutral File with the Following information:

Nodal Coords Yes
Element Faces Yes
Eigenvalues Yes
Mode Shapes Yes
Global Mass Properties Yes
Nodal Masses Yes
Nodal Inertias Yes
Generalized Stiffness Yes
Generalized Mass Yes
Generalized Damping No
Mode Transformation Yes
Stress Modes No
Interface Nodes Yes
Inertia Invariants Yes
Modal Preload No
Modal Loads No
Strain Modes No
Nodal Pre-Stress No
Nodal Pre-Strain No

And it does not stress the results in MNF.
Do not know what to do? I would like to have the MNF stess and Strein.