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Force load on an Edge


Hello guys,

this is quite simple problem but I need this to be cleared out.


My current problem is, that I have a mesh, which can be unevently distributed and I want to apply a force on an edge of that geometry. I see 2 ways to do that:


1) Apply the force and pick the edge, but in that case i have no idea how it will distribute the force

2) Create an RBE3 and apply the force to its master node, BUT in this case it tells me the RBE3 is singular, because it is in line, so I need to get rid of the extra DOF, but how.


So the question is simple. Which approach is best? And if the one with RBE3, how to overcome the Singular RBE3 problem?


Thanks for the help,



Re: Force load on an Edge

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If you apply a force to the geometry edge and use the default "Geometric Distribution" method, the load will be distributed as you desire. The element edge lengths will be taken into account and the load on each node will be scaled appropriately.