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Fracture mechanics modeling in Simcenter 12

I am looking for example workflows for modeling fracture mechanics problems. I did see a recent inquiry on crack tip modeling, but rather than the meshing aspects, interested in the solution workflow and capabilities.




a) Any specific element types for modeling crack tips ? Way back when I was involved in this kind of work, we used special crack tip elements, with built in singularity in the response function. Or, another cumbersome trick was to move the mid node of a second order element to quarter distance from corner to induce singularity.

b) What solution type is the most appropriate ?  Sol 401 ? Sol 601 or the new Samcef solver, which I do not know much about, that is supposed to be really good for nonlinear problems ?

c) Does the analysis workflow include determination of key fracture mechanics parameters like intensity factors, J integrals, and eventually predict crack growth and direction ?

d) Are there solution workflows that will predict crack formation and growth on a loaded model without an explicit crack modeled (i.e XFEM like approaches) ?


As usual, tutorials and example models, if available, help.