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Giving all 2D mesh collectors the same thickness?



I have an FEM made of 2D shell elements that I have used the 'Element Copy and Translate' command on. The new elements retain their materials but do not keep their original thicknesses.


Is there a way to select all the 2D mesh collectors and adjust the thickness for all of them at once? The thickness sources for these new elements have defaulted to 'Physical Property table'. The only way I can think of to do so thus far is to edit each of them manually and input a thickness to them.


This is extremely inconvenient as there are about 2000 collectors to change.....


I would greatly appreciate any help with this.


Kind Regards,



Re: Giving all 2D mesh collectors the same thickness?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

When you use Element Copy and Translate, the copied elements will be placed into new meshes in the same mesh collector. The default thickness option is Physical Property Table.


The Physical Property Table is assigned by the Mesh Collector, not the Mesh. All Meshes in the same Mesh Collector will have the same Physical Propertry Table and hence,the same thickness. Thickness does not have to be applied to each individual Mesh.


If you want to reduce the number of meshes after an Element Copy and Translate operation, simply select multiple meshes within the same Mesh Collector on the Navigator, then RMB and pick Merge Meshes

Re: Giving all 2D mesh collectors the same thickness?

Alright, I understand what you mean. However, when I used Element Copy on my model, all 2000 meshes were placed in 2000 separate mesh collectors.


I have tried moving some of these meshes into one collector, and highlighting them now does give the 'Merge meshes' option, but this process has the same issue of having to spend time dragging 2000 individual meshes into one collector, then merging.


Am I going about this the wrong way?


Just to give some context, I am trying to simplify an assembly FEM by copying and merging the duplicated meshes, then removing the links to the components so that the FEM can load faster when used in other assemblies.



Re: Giving all 2D mesh collectors the same thickness?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



How were the original thicknesses defined? I'm just trying to better understand the problem you are facing.




Re: Giving all 2D mesh collectors the same thickness?

Hi Mark,


The original model is an assembly of components that are made to be parametrically adjusted through the Expressions window.


It is intended that all the components have the same thickness, so a term called 'Component thickness' was defined with a value, and this was assigned as a thin shell property to the mesh collectors through their physical property tables.


Please bare in mind I am not the one who created the original model, so I am a bit lost on how some parts were setup.


Anyway, I managed to find a work around to this issue by using a different way of selecting the meshes, dragging them to one mesh collector then redefining the properties like thickness etc.


I imagine that in order to specify different properties to different cells, they will have to go in different mesh collectors.


I have found that the Element Copy function seems to strip the new elements of any color, physical property or cross section that might have been inherited from their parent components. I suspect this is normal functionality?