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Global Sensitivity Study – save results for all iterations



The sensitivity study in NX was and is one of my favorite functions that NX has to offer. It is not very easy to set up a study. Since the measuring of the results has changed (from NX8 to NX8.5), there are far more possibilities but also new bugs and problems. In my view, the problems derive from the fact, that the user interface (or the entry mask) is made for a real “Optimization” but also used for simple “Sensitivity Study”.


Anyhow, what hasn’t change is the fact that I am only able to “save results for all iteration” when using an optimization. When I use “Sensitivity Study” I can only save certain values using “constraint checking”. When I change a parameter, let’s say the thickness of a bookshelf from 10 to 20 mm, I get wonderful diagrams on how stress and deflection change with the parameter thickness. But I cannot look at the whole solution with a specific parameter; I have to calculate the solution separately with this parameter afterwards. Sometimes I have one or more buckles in the diagram which reasons I’d like to check. That’s not very handy when calculations are time-consuming.





Using Optimization - Saving is possible




Using Sensitivity Study - only certain constraints are possible to check



So my question is: Is there a workaround so I can have all the results from my sensitivity study? I mean they are on the hard disk for a moment. Maybe in separate .OP2 files but a least they wouldn't have to be calculated again.


Thank you!