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How is Bearing Load defined

Nx and NX Nastran 5.1
I am just wondering how to put up a Bearing Load, how to define it? If I
try o use this load with some different input on for example a lifting
mechanism. If I choose different angles, like 1800 and 900 will this
result in a huge deferens in the result of the analyses. 900 will give
much lover stress… So that’s why I want to know how this load is
defined. You should think that you defined a total load in one direction
and then distribute a load in either 1800 or 900 in a hole. If this is
the case there should be local differences in the result but globally be
the same… If you choose Sinosidal or Parabolic distribution globally
this also affects the result, why?
And, how do you read reaction stress/ force?
And, how to read stress in a snit of a model you have made?
Magnus Bendiksen