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How to change material for comparison test?


Hi all,


I want to do several CFD tests of a part, using a different material in each test. NX will let me change the material of the part, but when I then run an analysis, NX uses the properties of the original material instead of the one I've switched to. The only way to get it to work is if I do a Save As on the part, and use the new material in the new part.


Is there a way to switch materials without having to create a new part?




Re: How to change material for comparison test?



How did you change the material? 
Go to the property (in the model tree) of the part and select the material you want to use for the analysis. Then Check if elements has the correct material , Go to Modify / Edit / Material and pick up one of the elements. If it has the wrong material then it means that it also have the wrong property. To update the elements property go to Modify / Update Element / Property ID.


You could create several materials and several properties and assign the one you want to your asociated part. Hope this was what you would. 




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Re: How to change material for comparison test?

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Just to be sure, a re you asking about Femap or NX?


Assuming it is NX??...

You do not need to use "Save As" to change materials in an NX analysis.

We no longer have access to NX, but from memory of a tutorial we authored for the 2012 PLM World, you will need to create a new NX "physical property" (Insert | Physical Property) which references the different material, and then you will need to edit your current Mesh Collector(s) which contain the existing mesh, and select the different Physical Property for the Mesh Collector.  NX CAE does allow a method where mesh can refer directly to the material, but if you are going to use NX properly, it is better to understand that the general case is that a Mesh Collector references a Physical Property, which references a Material.  In this way you will easily be able to change materials and properties and start to re-analyse in seconds.

Re: How to change material for comparison test?

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Yes you can change materials without switching to a different part. NX assigns material properties via a mesh collector's properties. For Nastran it goes like this:


1. Material assigned to the solid or sheet body in a PRT (optional)

2. Physical properties table assigned to a mesh collector in a FEM

3. Material assigned to the physical properties table.


The default setting for material on a physical properties table is "Inherited". That means the material is going to be the one assigned to the PRT's equivalent solid/sheet body (if it has a material) or the one assigned to the related polygon body in the FEM (if it is different than the material in the PRT). However, you don't have to use "Inherited". You can specify any material directly in the physical properties table.


For NX Thermal and Flow, the material is assigned to the mesh collector, so you get to bypass the physical properties table piece above, but the rules still apply related to "Inherited" or not. 


NX also has the ability to define mesh collector property overrides in the SIM file. This is what I would do for your material studies.


1. Create a solution that will use the FEM assigned material (Inherited or not)

2. Solve that solution

3. Clone the solution

4. While in the SIM, go to the mesh collector of interest and MB3 Edit Attributes Overrides

5. Select the appropriate material for the cloned solution

6. Solve the cloned solution


Now you have 2 solutions with 2 sets of results from 2 different materials. The model always has 1 material though. As it is now, the material is that defined by the override. So, you will have to keep track of your solutions with respect to the materials they were solved with. You could include the material in the solution's name or edit each solution and document the material in the solution's Description field.





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Re: How to change material for comparison test?


Thanks everyone!