How to connect NX with ANSYS Workbench in optimization loop?


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I am working on an optimization loop in ANSYS Workbench. The geometry is imported from NX software and Static Structural (stress) optimization is done correctly. When the fluid analysis (CFX) is imported in loop (multi-disciplinary optimization) there is a problem; the model read from (Turbo Grid and CFX) is different with the model read from Static Structural. So, we should do some modifications in the NX model thorough “Journal file” in NX software. After that, the geometry is imported in Turbo Grid and then (CFX).


In every optimization procedure each parameter is updated and also the Turbo Grid input is updated from “Journal file” in NX software. Now I have the question: How do I show to NX software to read the “Journal file” in every optimization loop, in order to Turbo Grid input must be updated.




Re: How to connect NX with ANSYS Workbench in optimization loop?

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If I've understood this correctly, then I think it is a question for ANSYS support, since you need to get Workbench to issue the journal file to NX at the correct point in the optimisation process.


Within the Siemens product portfolio, you could use the HEEDS MDO tool from CD-adapco to drive this optimisation iin place of Workbench.