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How to define an non-constant line load


Hello experts, short question:


I use Simcenter NX 10 for NASTRAN (SOL101 and others ):


How can I define a line load (as force in N/mm or moment in Nmm/mm) on geometry edges when the line load isn't constant but increasing like triangular or trapezoidal.


For constant distribution I've found




There it's illustrated by @JimB that using RBE3 yields in the correct distribution with specific lengths of element edges are taken into account.


Additionally I could see that in definition dialogue for "Force"  there is the type "Edge-Face". But it deals also only with summarized constant forces.


But what's the way for


q(x)= (q.e - q.s)/(x.e - x.s)*(x - x.s) +q.s

(with .e= end; .a=start)


or others like

q(x) = a * sin(b*x + c) or

q(x) = a* x² + b*x +  c


If i define a function to distribute that force per length I can't take either the element length into account or the type of Grid point (corner node or mid-side node)


Can someone help me? - Every suggestion is welcome. Best wishes, Michael

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