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How to export High Quality image from Post-Processing CFD?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello everybody,


I'm trying to get "good" quality images from my simulation results and well, I can't find a way to save a halfway acceptable image of my results. Even doing a Printscreen is a thousand times better than exporting the image with File -> Export->Png or JPEG or TIFF as there are no options to set the image quality. And exporting as PDF allows to set a quality, but only saves the model wireframe without results.

I also tried the High Quality Image tool, however it's a rendering tool and as expected, only renders the background and the model disappears.

I already searched the web but nobody seems to have this problem. Or it is just me again having no idea.

However, it can't be that hard to insert a quality button when exporting a jpeg or is it dear developers? At least that's what I expect after running a 100 hour simulation and now not being able to save the results in good quality.


Thank you very much for your help. Would appreciate it very much if somebody could give me a hint.


Best regards