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Import of elements utlization factors from external file

Hello all,


I think my question will be straight forward.

Let's assume I exported the solver results into CSV file for some group of elements and based on them I computed utlization factor (eg. Accumulated fatigue damage) for each elemetn.

Results are created in Excel. How can I import them back to NX in order to display them on the model (mesh is not changed, so only the values for elemetns need to be displayed) ?


Is it possible?




Re: Import of elements utlization factors from external file

Have you tried importing the csv as a NX.CAE field? Once you have the fields you should be able to plot it
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Re: Import of elements utlization factors from external file

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If the data were nodal data, fields could (sort-of) work. You could import the csv data into a field with an independent domain of Node ID. At this point it is in no way associated to a mesh, so you could not contour plot the data on the mesh. You would have to create some kind of boundary condition that supported a Node ID independent domain (i.e. displacement or temperature) to plot contours ont he mesh.


This would not work for elemental or element nodal results because those independent domains are not supported at all.


The more general way to do this is to create a solver results file containing the data you want to plot. This can be attached to an existing set of results using "Add Companion Results Data" on the Results RMB menu on the Sim Navigator. See the articles on Companion Results here:


The most accessible solver results file for a "do it yourselfer" is the ideas universal file. This is an ascii text file with a fairly simple format. Results data is defined in dataset 2414.


See the following sections in the online help for the file format and tips on customization so that the results show up with your custom name (i.e. "Utilization Factor") in the Post Navigator:

Re: Import of elements utlization factors from external file

Thank JimB,


It seems that UNV file is a solution for my problem Smiley Happy