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Incomplete Streamlines in Simcenter Flow

Hi all,


I am running some flow simulations and am running into the "problem" that my streamlines rarely make it from inlet to the "outlet" opening. In the image shown below, you can see that of the 10 or so streamlines the start at the inlet and move left, only one makes it past the edge of the image. I imagine this is significant (i.e. it means forward-progress of that particle stopped or something like that). Can someone fill me in? What does it mean that most of my lines stop short?


I messed with the extraction parameters which seems to lengthen them some, but my inputs to Max. Time Elapsed and Max. Time Steps are like 99999999 and still only the rare swimmer makes it home. 


Thanks in advance,






Re: Incomplete Streamlines in Simcenter Flow



Post-processing display of velocity with streamlines has nothing common with particle tracking simulation.
Sometimes, the streamlines calculation fails with the default parameters. If you want that the streamlines traverse all the velocity field, you need to change some parameters in the "Seed Set" creation dialog box : in "Extraction Parameters" zone, increase the value for the "Maximum Number of Steps" or the "Maximum Time Elapsed".


Re: Incomplete Streamlines in Simcenter Flow

Tried that, as mentioned :-/