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Initial temperature SOL 159



I am using NX 10 advanced simulation.

How to apply initial temperature in SOL 159 transient analysis?

I am seeing that the node's initial temperature of my simulation starts with 0°C. All the documentation I find says something about TEMP(INT) but I can’t find how to apply it in NX 10 interface.initial temp.jpg


Re: Initial temperature SOL 159

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Siemens Phenom

In NX 10, a SOL 159 solution should have a "Temperatures" load container on the Naviagtor. RMB on this "Temperatures" container and pick New Load Set -> Temperature Set. Specify the type as Initial/Stress Free Temperature. The Default Temperature property sets the value of the TEMPD card referenced by TEMP(INIT). Hit OK to create the set.


If you want to specify different default temperature values for different portions of the model, then you need to create additional temperatures within this Initial Temperature set. Right click on the new Initial/Stress Free Temperature Set on the navigator and pick New -> Temperature to define the temperature on an area of the model. Repeat this for each different initial temperature.


See Temperature Set in the online help.

Re: Initial temperature SOL 159


Thank you very much!