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Is it possible - Enforced Displacement for a snapin - birth death?

I have a number of setups where I use a force to displace a part over a short time. During the cycle a conctact is brought alive and thereby I have a snapfit locking. The load is removed and I can read the loads.

Now I wonder if there is any method of having an enforced displacement to behave the same way?

That is - I want to displace an object a ceratain distance, give birth to a contact and then release the displacement. So basically I'm looking for the same function as for contact - elements birth or death.


Re: Is it possible - Enforced Displacement for a snapin - birth death?

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You cannot directly specify birth or death time for a constraint. One way to accomplish this is to create an additional (unconnected) grid for each constraint location. Apply the constraints to the unconnected grid instead of the grid on your structure. If you then connect this new grid to the originally constrained grid with a rigid element, you can specify birth/death for the rigid element.

So, you can move the grid a certain distance over a certain time, then specify a death time for the rigid link, which then frees the structure.

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