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Link of measurement gets lost after update


Hi together,

I've got a shell model, meshed it and linked it to the simulation. As I am applying the material in the FEM stage, I would like to extract the mass of the body in the simulation stage. Unfortunately, If I'm updating the underlying FEM part, the link of the measurements get lost. I guess that this can be traced back to the "manual edits will be lost after update" information during the mesh update. This was the only possibility to automatedly export the mass to the expression file. Until know i managed to export volume, multiply it with the density afterwards to get the mass. Now i realized that the volume doesn't chance during the runs and remains constant and that this is due to the broken measurement link.


Do you know any other possibility to extract automatably the mass of my shell model to a textfile/expression file?(via journal?) What can I do to keep the measurements after the update?

Thank you very much