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Meshs overlapping in Assembly FEM



I am attempting to update an assembly FEM through changing expressions in the master assembly part file. The master assembly part has correctly updated the locations and dimensions of all its component parts, however after updating the assembly FEM, there are some overlapping meshes present that I do not know how to resolve. The component FEMs related to this overlap do not show any unwanted protrusions when viewed as work parts, and the overlap is only seen when viewing the full assembly FEM.


The assembly in question is made up of a number of 2D shell elements that have mesh constraints applied to give the desired mesh. The position and orientation of these elements are specified through the master assembly, which has been made to be parametric and controlled through expressions.


I am using Simcenter 11.0


I would really appreciate any insight as to what the problem might be, and a possible fix.


Kind regards,