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Modeling time varying force




I am trying to use NX to model a time varying force. Specifically, I am trying to model a structure subjected to a gust of wind at 100 mph for 3 seconds.


Can this be done with the advanced simulation tool, or does this type of modeling require the response simulation add-on module? If you can do this with the advanced simulation tool, how do you account for the time?


Thank you....


Betreff: Modeling time varying force

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hi Michael,


first of all you have to use Solution 601 /129 or 701 to solve problems with time characteristics and large gradients of loads in short time.

Mostly you are able to specify a time characteritic in solution => case control

-  strategy parameters and

- time step definitions and additionally

in load description, (may be a pressure  with time domain table or field to describe time chraracteristics).


In my opinion you can do it in advanced simulation without response simulation. It depends on your problem.


Best wishes,



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