Modelling stress wave propagation between two objects in contact




I am trying to simulate a Split Hopkinson Pressure bar which is basically a bar hitting an object. What is of importance to me is modelling the stress wave propagation in the bar and hitting the object which a wedge in my case.


so at the end of the bar i impose a force for a fraction of a second and remove it. I use an excel spreadsheet and feed strain gauge data to capture the force which works all good. However I don't know how to model the contact between the wedge and the bar. In reality they are touching during the experiment. In the initial time scales I am concerned about the wave propagation in both the wedge and the bar. However as time progresses I know there will be rigid body motion causing separation at the interface.


  • Therefore how do I model the interface? I know that glueing it welds it which would work fine to capture wave propagation but not separation and rigid body motion.
  • Will solution 109 work too?