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Motion Simulation: How to simulate motion on point-curves?


Hi everyone.

I like to simulate an object moving on defined curves.
First I had measured the movement of my object in reality by capturing the coordinates of three points upon my object. As a result I have a list of the captured coordinates with x/y/z for each point at discrete time steps.

Now I like to simulate the movement of my object in NX.
So far I have managed to move an object along a curve by constant velocity or something else. But my problem is, that the movement along the coordinate-curves is not in constant velocity. Therefore I like to move my object step by step (constant time-steps) from coordinate to coordinate.
I have found the possibility to move by spreadsheet, but this applies only for two values (e.g. time and displacement).
Furthermore NX requires a driver for solving the solution - but I don't really have a point on my object which moves in a constant way.


Is there a possibility to simulate the movement?



The next thing is: The accuracy of the measured coordinates is not really 100pc exact. That means, my object is not at all timesteps directly on the measurepoints (it differs sometimes by abount 5-10mm). How can I define lets say a minimum overall mistake on all three measurepoints while setting the points onto the coordinates?

Thanks for your help.