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Currently I'm working at work on the development of a mousetrap. I really like to perform a analysis on the forces and stresses on the body of the mousetrap when the hammer comes down. since the hammer is made from steel and the body from ABS i'm only interested in the stresses in the body (during the dayly workflow ofcourse, in the end i want to do a complete analysis). I already found some examples of using the motion simulation package to define one single 'flexible body'. This flexible body was created with SOL103. I modeled a chain to test this method and found that it worked. i couldn't however get the contact working. Is there a way of meshing only one body, leave the rest solid, and perform a contact analysis to see what happens to the mousetrap?






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Gears Phenom

SOL103 calculate normal modes/eigenvalues only, it do not work with RBD.

As I understand, you want to calculate restressed normal modes with restressed model and one part of contact must be rigid. Then you can model rigid part as surface and in options of contact region select Type -> Rigid instead of Deformable.