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NX Motion Simulation: Load Transfer - bearings problem


may anyone know how to make shaft rest on two bearings simultanoeusly?
To obtain rotational motion NX needs only one base, however, I would like to receive forces in two bearings. After using "Menu/Analysis/Motion/Load Transfer" option I get forces only in one bearing cause the other one is treated as redundant.

I would like to model a shaft on two bearings, load it and than switch to Advanced Analysis and create structural analysis of the bearing using results from Motion. Unfortunately, I get all forces in only one bearing.


Re: NX Motion Simulation: Load Transfer - bearings problem

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Right, there are redundant Degrees Of Freedom. Recommendation in your scope is to replace the Joints by cylindrical bushings with very high stiffness and damping in all directions except the torsional. For example:

Radial Stiffness to 1E7 N/mm with damping at 1E5 N.s/mm.

Torsional 1, damping 1000


Gilles Dubourg
Product Manager – Simcenter 3D Motion
Product Lifecycle Management
Siemens Industry Software SAS