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NX Stress Wizzard mesh point


I would like to apply a force on point on a surface to see how a construction behaves under that load. I use the NX Stress Wizzard and can select planes and lines, however not point. I know there is a mesh point option but that seems to be only available in the Pre/After module. Since I am using a NX for Design license I don't have access to that module. Is there a way to apply the force to a point? I tried making a normal point on the surface but that disappears once the mesh is made. This is the workflow that I am following:


Re: NX Stress Wizzard mesh point


Can you create a very small circular "patch". The centre being the point where you want to apply your force. If you have to have a force apply to a point then using a very samll diameter will get close. This will create meshing issue potentially

Production: NX.CAE
Development: VB.NET (amateur level !)