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NX TMG Flow - monitor lift force during steady state solve.

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom


I have steady state flow simulation. The goal of simulation is lift force acting on some surface.

I can decide to judge about convergence by two parameters:

1) Residuals - they must reach appropriate level like 1e-5...1e-6;

2) Actually lift force - if residuals are ok and lift force acting on selected surface do not changed over 100...200 iterations, then I can stop solution because model is converged.

The question is how I can model Integral parameters like lift force during steady state solution.

I can request body force report by using solver parameters or by "Report Lift and Drag" simulation object. However, these reports appear only when simulation is finished.

I can track minimum, maximum and averaged pressure using "Track during solve" simulation object. Nevertheless, that is not exactly what I need. I cannot be sure that area averaged pressure on surface change in the same way like Lift Force.

Many thanks in advance,