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[NX10 ESC] How to simulate head loss/screen?




I'd like to simulate a device in a hot environment (fluid domain) which is encased in a thin metal housing that features a coarse screen (perforated plate) at the top and bottom. Think of something like this:


Unfortunately the 3d model of this perforated plate seems to be too complex for a concrete simulation so I'd like to do it in a more abstract way.


There are 2 methods that I'm aware of:


) screen: I select "thin perforated plate", "sharp edge" and the desired free area ratio and by clicking on "compute" I receive a head loss coefficient. This looks like exactly what I'd like to apply - but here's my issue: Where to? It only works on faces and I guess just on faces of a fluid domain. But the device I try to simulate is IN the fluid domain so I think the "screen" function is unsuitable in my case.


) flow blockage: I select "porous blockage - isotropic" (to make things easier) and afterwards I'm supposed to specify a method. All of these methods request for values I don't know. I can imagine that the permeability or head loss might lead to success; is there a way to calculate them just from the free area ratio and sheet thickness?


As I'm used to simulate such things in FlowTherm I'm also used to their very simple and efficient way of doing so: just defining a free area ratio is enough. Is there a way to achieve the same in NX10 and ESC? Any other suggestions for simulating such perforated plates?


If there's any further information you need please don't hesitate to ask. The actual model is restricted unfortunately but I think I can design something similar with reasonable effort if neccessary.


Thanks in advance!


Re: [NX10 ESC] How to simulate head loss/screen?

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The screen would be the more suitable simulation object to use. You can create faces within the domain on which the screen may be applied. For the device in your example picture, I would create a domain for the internal air and one for the external air. In the FEM, I would then mesh mate the two domains to create a single fluid enclosure. The screen would then be applied to the common faces between them.

Re: [NX10 ESC] How to simulate head loss/screen?


I wasn't expecting this to work without issues but I'll try that next time. Thanks a lot!