NX12 Pre/Post structural transient analysis types and it's solution procedure: Need Understanding


Hi All,


NX Pre/Post has following diffrent solution types for transient analysis:


1. SOL103 response dynamics > Create new solution process "Response Dynamics" > Transient Event

2. SOL 109 Direct transient response

3. SOL 112 Modal transient response

4. SOL 129 Nonlinear transient response

5. SOL 601, 129 Advanced non-linear transient

6. SOL 701 Explicite advanced non-linear analysis


As a beginer I want to understand


- What are the basic assumption with each solution type?

- When to use which kind of transient solution type?

- What are the pre-requisit solution types for each of above SOL type?

- What is the solution setup procedure for each type?

- What kind of nonlinearity it acconts(material?, contact?)

- Which analysis accounts effect of mass (inertia-term)?

- What is the licence requirement for each of above SOL type?

- How SOL 103 (Transient event), SOL109 and SOL 112 is diffrent ?

- How SOL 129 and 'SOL 601,SOL129' is diffrent?

- How SOL 701  and 'SOL 601, SOL 129' is diffrent?


I tried reading NX 12 documentation, online help and community post but didn't got overall picture of transient analysis and clear step by step procedure to setup transient analysis. 


Please help me on understanding NX transient analysis....