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NX9 Mesh Associate


I'm looking in NX option to manual association nodes to geometry ?.
When I'm using "Node Automatic Associate" with various options the best results is 8 orphan nodes. And I'm wondering how to fix it.


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Re: NX9 Mesh Associate

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I'm glad to read that you are trying out the new morphing capabilities. There is no manual node association command in NX 9. That arrives in NX 10. When associating nodes automatically to geometry, nodes that are beyond the user specified tolerance will remain orphan. I can think of 2 options for you:


1. move the orphan nodes closer to the geometry and redo the association

2. redo the association with a larger tolerance


A third option is to just leave them orphan. Orphan nodes will still move during morphing operations. They just won't be tied to geometry. They will move based upon the weighted average of how neighboring nodes are moving. They aren't always a bad thing. For example if your mesh is a 6 sided block of hex elements, you may actually want to preserve the corners even though your geometry has fillets on some or all of the edges. By moving the orphan nodes based upon how their neighbors move, the corners can be preserved in the mesh.





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